TMR Feed Mixer

HC-7000 Duck Eggs Washing and Drying Machine
HC-7000 Duck Eggs Washing Machine
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TMR Feed Mixer

9JGL-05 Single auger TMR feed mixer


Product Introduction:

The unique auger design greatly impoves the mixing efficiency and the single mixing can be complieted in only 8-15 minutes.

The planetary reducer with heavy load and larfge torque  is adopted to reduce the wear of the reducer to the greatest extent and the designed service life is more than 20000 hours.

With imported brand, avery has high stablity , which makes the ration more accurate.

The bottom plates of the mixign bin are made of wear-resistant and corrision-resistant manganese steel.

The TMR adopts single auger double rerducer, wich rerduces the loss to the greatest extend and prolongs the service life.