SR23MR Trash Compactor

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SR23MR Trash Compactor

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) 7360×3200×3640 Engine model Yuchai YC6M220Z-T20
Rated power/speed (kW/rpm) 162/2200 Operating weight (kg) 23000
Front axle weight (kg) 11500 Static linear pressure (front/rear) (N/cm) 626
Compacting width (mm) 3090 Steel drum diameter (mm) 1620
Blade capacity (m3) 8.6 Gradeability (%) 1


Technical Features


  • Yuchai YC6M220Z-T20 water-cooled engine features strong power and high environmental-friendliness, with the output power at 162kW.
  • With professional design and precise manufacturing, this machine is specialized for severe trash treatment environment to provide higher productivity and lower unit hour operating cost.
  • The weight of the compactor is equally distributed on the axles, which applies a super-strong linear compacting force onto the compacting drum so that the compacting drum can not only complete the crushing and compacting of trashes, but also feature sufficient corrosion resistance.
  • The optical monitors within the cab are the safety guarantee for frequent reversing operations of the compactor.
  • The exterior ROPS structure of the cab can guarantee the driver’s safety under extreme conditions.
  • The full-enclosed cab can protect the driver against the influence of severe working environment. The traveling of the machine is controlled by the single gearshift joystick and the steering of the machine is controlled by the steering wheel to effectively improve the operator’s working efficiency and relieve the fatigue.
  • The lifting of the blade is controlled by the mechanic connecting rods, featuring simple and practical operations. The comfortable and firm seat capable of longitudinal adjustment is equipped with left and right foldable armrests and retractable seat belt. The heating and air conditioning system is equipped to achieve higher operating comfort and efficiency.
  • The full-enclosed machine body can effectively prevent the ingress of trashes and prolong the service life.
  • The protective door of complete buckle design is installed for all maintenance portions to ease the user’s maintenances and improve the utilization rate of the whole machine.