Mechanical Single-Drum Vibratory Road Roller

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SRP90S Multi-Functional Telescoping Spreader
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Mechanical Single-Drum Vibratory Road Roller

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) 6229×2325×3180 Total weight (kg) 20000/20800
Front wheel weight (kg) 9900/10700 Theoretical gradeability (%) 30
Vibratory drum width (mm) 2140 Static linear load (N/cm) 463/490
High vibration amplitude 2.0/1.6 Low vibration amplitude 1.0/0.8
Vibration frequency (high/low) (Hz) 32/28 Centrifugal force (high/low) (kN) 335/210
Engine model Shangchai SC8D175.1G2B1 Rated power (kW) 128
Number/height of padfoot (mm) 154/95    


Technical Features

  • Shangchai SC8D series turbocharged diesel engine is jointly developed with Austrian AVL, featuring prominent performances, high reliability, and good fuel economy, and is one mainstream ins
  • The super-high lubricating oil capacity guarantees the good lubrication and cooling for the vibra
  • The vibratory pumps and vibratory motors adopt international renowned brand products to guarantee the reliability and compacting performance of the vibration system.
  • Two independent brake systems (service brake and parking brake) feature stable braking, high safety and reliability, simple structure, and easy maintenance.
  • The streamline rear hood features beautiful and elegant modeling and broad visual field. The working device equipped features reasonable design. The imported seat and rubber shock-absorbing design minimize the working strength of the operator.
  • Standard double-amplitude function expands the application scope of the equipment.
  • The high span between high and low centrifugal forces helps the establishment of compacting schemes for different density specifications.
  • The design of the drum vibration parameters conforms to the requirements of working site and the padfoot drum can be assembled to expand the application scope.
  • The standard floatation tires and the optional drive tires expand the working condition adaptability of the machine.