G Series 28-32t engine balance forklift

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G Series 28-32t engine balance forklift

Technical Parameters

Model Units CPCD280-VZ2-12III CPCD300-VZ2-12III CPCD320-VZ2-12III
Load center Mm 1200
Lifting capacity kg 28000 30000 32000
Lifting height mm 4000
Lifting speed (at rated load) mm/s 280
Lowering speed ( unloaded) mm/s 300-600
Mast tilt (forward/backward) Grad 6/10
Engine VOLVO
Dimensions Overall length(with fork) mm 6802(9242)
Overall width mm 3450
Mast height (retracted) mm 4120



Product Features


(1) Design Standards: Designed by well-known European port machine company, the truck is synchronized with the technical level of same period European product. The truck with higher security not only meets national standards but also EU standards (EN1459;ISO15018).

(2) Drivelines: Volvo Power meeting national level 3 (EU3) emission standard is assembled on the truck, with strong drive power and good weather-resistance.

(3) Transmission: The model is assembled with originally imported ZF or DANA transmission with smooth and high efficient gear shifting.

(4) Drive axle: The truck is assembled with originally imported Kessler axle with wet disc brakes specially designed for heavy trucks, meeting continuous operation in poor working conditions and maintenance-free requirements.

(5) Hydraulic system: American Parker hydraulic system with high efficiency and fuel economy is assembled on the truck. The innovative design of self-cleaning hydraulic cooling system extends the interval between oil changes and reduces the total cost of the machine ownership. Advanced techniques such as load sensing, dual pump converging, and small flow under high pressure are applied to save energy and reduce the cost.

(6) Electronic controlling system:  Can-Bus technology increases engine and transmission reliability.

(7) High strength structure components:  Heavy-duty box-type chassis makes the foundation of long-lasting high performance.

(8) Cabin:  Raised cabin and Double Dynamic Suspension System ensures a comfortable operation environment with lower noise and vibration.