DH17 Full-Hydraulic Bulldozer

2.5T Light Cargo Truck
SD16T Mechanical Bulldozer
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DH17 Full-Hydraulic Bulldozer

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) (excluding ripper) 5250×3420×3080 Operating weight (t) (excluding ripper) 18.9(including ripper)
Engine model WD10G190E213 Net power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 127/2000
Ground pressure(Mpa) 0.064 Blade type Semi-U blade
Blade capacity(m3) 4.4


Applicable Working Conditions

Landfill of earthworks and bulldozing of other bulk materials and operations in extremely narrow sites.

Technical Features

  • Weichai engine and high-efficiency fuel injection pump features high torque, high performances, high parts universality, and low maintenance cost.
  • The electronically controlled static pressure drive system equipped can automatically adapt to the load variation and provide best bulldozing speed under different working loads.
  • The intelligent matching technology can achieve best working efficiency and most reasonable fuel economy, with the composite fuel consumption reduced by 10~15%.
  • The ergonomic hexahedral cab features large space and excellent visual field.
  • The suspended single accelerator pedal features small volume, large foot space, and high operation comfort.
  • The extensively adjustable seat and armrests provide the driver with the most comfortable operation posture.
  • The integrally sealed shock-absorbing system of the cab reduces the interior noise by 3~4dB.
  • The safety passage system of the whole machine guarantees the driver’s safety.
  • With electronically controlled traveling system and hydraulic pilot controlled working device, the traveling system and the working device can be controlled by single joystick.
  • The accurate control can be achieved by low operating forces, featuring flexible and light operations, high operation comfort, and high working efficiency.
  • The static pressure drive system is capable of stepless speed change, loaded steering, and pivot steering, featuring high flexibility and mobility and applicability for diversified working conditions.
  • The accurate control can realize the bulldozing operations in narrow spaces.
  • The chassis system features long ground length, high ground clearance, stable traveling, and excellent trafficability and the semi-U blade equipped features powerful operation capability.
  • The optional three-tooth ripper and traction frame are available to meet the diversified operation needs.
  • The electric harnesses adopt seamless corrugated pipes and branching deconcentrators, featuring high protection grade.
  • The core electric and hydraulic units adopt imported products, featuring stable and reliable quality and extremely high reliability.
  • The static drive system features compact structure, small volume, light weight, and easy maintenance.
  • The modular structure eases the disassembling of parts and ensures low maintenance cost.